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ОРИЕНТАЛ ПРИНТ - полиграфическое оборудование и оборудование для производства полимерной продукции
ОРИЕНТАЛ ПРИНТ - полиграфическое оборудование и оборудование для производства полимерной продукции
Оборудование для полиграфии и производства полимерных изделий.
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About Oriental Print

Oriental Print represents at the Russian market the leading Chinese suppliers of printing equipment - Shanghai Electric Group Printing & Packaging Machinery Co. (SPPM) and Indian supplier of web offset printing equipment - Pressline.
Shanghai Electric Group Printing & Packaging Machinery Co. includes the biggest suppliers for printing equipment, which are the leading manufacturing enterprises of printing machinery construction in China. Among them are such famous companies like Purlux, Yawa, Shenweida, Guanghua (Yiying), Clarity and others. Serious western investments into research and development activities have allowed them to reach the worldwide standards and this can be confirmed by their ISO and CE certifications.
Oriental Print has a great experience supplying the equipment for polymers and plastics.  We can offer modern high quality equipment for plastics processing which can be used to produce one-layer and multi-layer plastic films, plastic bags, PP-woven bags and multi-layer paper bags, plastic package, throw-away crockery, plastic panels, plastic pipes and profiles.
Sores of our customers produce flexible package and plastic products using Kung Hsing extruders, Chao Wei bag-making machines, Huarong injection molding machines. Over two years we have been developing our supplies for the plastic panels and pipe making equipment.
Oriental Print can open for its customers better financial possibilities and service. We are doing our best to increase the quality of our services as well as to cut down the delivery time. We make it possible for our customers to get their equipment from our stock in Moscow directly.

Экспозиция YAWA на DRUPA 2004 Бумагорезальные машины Shenweida Печатная машина Yiying PZ 4650C-AL на стенде SPPM
Стенд компании Purlux ??? Pressline

Complete range of printing equipment

Oriental Print can offer the full range of printing and post-printing equipment to provide the production of news-papers, magazines, booklets, posters, calendars, hard-cover and soft-cover books as well as others printing products. Thoroughly selected range of different size printing machines as well as various choices of bookbinding and finishing equipment could help you to arrange new production facilities or efficiently upgrade existed ones.
Currently, Oriental Print is an indisputable leader supplying printing equipment from China and India.  Having this market opened for Russian polygraphic workers, our company has helped many our domestic printing plants which were not able purchase expensive equipment to arrange their successful business.  Later on, our customers have reached greater success using Chinese and Indian machines as basic equipment.

PRESSLINE в типографии №1 город Ростов-на-Дону Установка Yawa MW1050AII в 'Советской Сибири' Полиграфинтер 2005 Ориентал Принт Ориентал SWD

Wide range of equipment for polymers processing and plastic goods production.

The supplies of Oriental print include high quality modern equipment for polymers processing, in particular for one-layer and multi-layer plastic film production, plastic bags, PP-woven bags and multi-layer paper bags, plastic package, throw-away crockery, plastic panels, plastic pipes and profiles. The leading suppliers of China and Taiwan have already proved their names at the Russian market.

Huarong ??? Chao wei

High quality Service
Thanks to the own qualified service center ORIENTAL-PRINT cares about after-sales service - warranty and repair of the supplied equipment. The service center has got everything required to monitor and efficiently equipment repair. There is a stock of spares and components in the service center.
Eight engineers were trained and certified at the producers` factories. That could guarantee proper maintenance and preventive service to ORIENTAL-PRINT customers.

Суперскоростная автоматизированная машина CW800P-SV Сервис Сервис Сервис

Marketing activity
ORIENTAL-PRINT is a permanent participant of the main printing and packaging exhibitions -"Polyraphinter" "Rosupack" "Label Show" and some important regional expositions. We represent actual technologies in the Russian market in the context of these events. We have prestigious press and organizers` awards in the portfolio such as "Golden Matrix"MAP "Crystal Cuting Stick" of "Kursive" opublishing house, diplomas for the best  "..display", ".. technology demonstration", "… equipment", " …visitors consulting"
Experts of ORIENTAL-PRINT are invited to make reports on the seminars and conferences, where leading industry specialists take part. Over 50 analytical articles of our specialists were published in the professional periodicals. 23 editions regularly issue news about our suppliers` new models, new equipment installations information, participations in the exhibitions and seminars. ORIENTAL-PRINT is an advertising sponsor of 15 editions.  We have 14 web-sites with convenient illustrated catalogues, which are observed by thousands of visitors every day.

Стенд компании ОРИЕНТАЛ ПРИНТ на выставке РОСУПАК 2005 Индустрия пластмасс-2005 ПолиграфИнтер 2005 ПолиграфИнтер 2005

Our Customers
The customers list of ORIENTAL-PRINT includes more than 15 000 companies. There are big companies and small firms private and government ones among them. We aspire to establish long-term mutually beneficial relations with each customer. Individual approach, honesty, desire and ability to solve customers` problems, quick reaction on the market changes, modern technologies introduction are our main priorities. We do our best to cooperate successful business of our customers.

PRESSLINE в типографии №1 г. Ростов-на-Дону


Презентация Yiying PZ4650C-AL в Воронеже

Your success is our main goal!

6 Novoyasenevsky av,
Russia, 117574
tel.: +7 (495) 7813836
fax.: +7 (495) 7813837

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Компания ОРИЕНТАЛ ПРИНТ - полиграфическое оборудование